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Home > Helpful Hints > What is Waxed Canvas?

What is Waxed Canvas?

Waxed Canvas or Waxed Cotton is a sturdy, weather resistant, fabric that is highly sought after by men and women from all walks of life for its natural rugged good looks and functionality.

Originating in the maritime industry in the 15th century, this cloth has evolved from its humble beginnings as fish oil treated mariner sail cloth that was used to create coats and capes, to its current form of beeswax or paraffin impregnated tightly woven cotton (canvas) fabric with a wide range of applications in the fashion and accessory markets.

This water resistant fabric became an instant success with the outdoorsman and was prized by farmers and gamekeepers in England and Scotland before making its way to the US motorcycle industry where the lightweight and weather resistant fabric became popular for both its fashion and function.

Today, this fabric is a favored by of a wide range of outdoorsmen, naturalists, adventurers, and craftsmen (and women!) and is appearing in greater numbers as the trend toward natural rather than man-made materials continues in the textile industry.

This fabric has character! No two pieces are alike and the natural variations in color you will see are inherent to the waxing process and part of its charm. Enjoy your item made from Waxed Canvas and we think you will quickly see why this fabric has stood the test of time!

Waxed Canvas Care and Cleaning

Waxed Canvas is a natural canvas material that is treated to produce a distressed look. The final result features many distinct characteristics that helps make each item unique.
This fabric is built to last!
This wax treated fabric resists water and stains helping to naturally keep it clean. This fabric should not be cleaned by conventional methods like soap and water since it would strip the fabric of its wax treatment and ruin the product. Instead, lightly brush off any dried debris, spots, or stains using a brush. Like leather, your waxed canvas product will develop its own natural patina over time. Limit sun exposure as it has been found to reduce the distressed effects/wrinkles.
Follow these simple care instructions and you can enjoy your unique Waxed Canvas Product for years to come!

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